Georgetown Family Martial Arts

Fees:  For 2 lessons per week $85 monthly   ( the 3-3.5 year old class meets 1 day per week and is $65 per month.)

We are a No Contract School.

Payments are done by Cash or online automatic payments

Students can also pay quarterly, Bi-Yearly and Yearly

Uniforms are $65 with patches 

If Students pay 3 months at a time the Uniform is free.

If students pay for 6 months in advance they receive 2 free uniforms for free..

If Students pay for a full year-1 free uniform every 4 months plus a staff and short stick at no extra charge!

Black Belt Club also available which pays from yellow belt through black belt, 3 free uniforms plus staff, short stick, nunchucks and Training bag.  Valued at over $5500  for only $3060. One time fee.

For the months of July and August - family specials are available.   1st person $85  2nd $75  3rd $70


Tuedsays   6-6:30  3.5 & 4 yr olds----6:35-7:05  5 & 6 yr olds   Mu Sool Kids  7 and up  7:05p - 7:45p  10yr to adult mu sool 8:10-9p

​Thursday  6-6:30p 3.5 & 4 yr olds----6:35p-7:05P 5 & 6 yr olds  Mu Sool Kids 7 and up  7:05p - 7:45p

Friday 6p-6:30p  3 yr - 3.5 yr olds----6:35-7:30p  10 yrs to adult Mu Sool

Schedule may change without notice.

Please schedule your pre evaluation classes to make sure that the classes and your children are a great fit.  There is nothing wrong with waiting a month or two prior to signing up.

Classes are filling fast- space is limited!