Georgetown Family Martial Arts

The Traditional Martial Arts are taught at these ages using the full Kuk Sool Hapkido Curriculum.

This teaches the following but not just limited to them only:

Kicks -similar to tae kwon do , karate and muay thai

Strikes - similar to karate and other fighting arts

Joint Locks and Throws- Similar to judo and jujitsu

Grappling -similar to judo and jujitsu but not limited to ground work

Weaponry-Long Sword-single and double

                  -Short Sword- Single and double

                  -Long Staff

                  -Short and Medium Sticks-Similar to yawara and filipino kali sticks



                  -Spear & Halberd

                  - Korean Archery and Knife Throwing

                  -Gun Disarming 

                  - Much more!!!