Georgetown Family Martial Arts

Our Martial Arts

Our school teaches Kuk Sool which is Korean Martial arts.

The Martial arts organization is Mu Sool Won which translates into World Martial Arts Association.

There are 3 main systems:

Korean Royal Court Army Martial Arts

Budhist Temple Martial Arts 

Tribal Family Martial Arts

Each System is a martial arts program on its own put together into a systematic training method which enables the students to have the ability to learn each technique, form and weapon easily and step by step.

Each belt level builds and adds on to the next .

The student of our school will learn all of the values such as honor, respect, self control and disciplnie not to mention having fun doing so.

What we learn:

Like karate we use our hands, similar to tae kwon do and  muay thai, we use our legs, feet and knees,  similar to judo and jujitsu we use throws and grappling.

Along with this, our students learn traditional weaponry such as staff, short sticks, rope, fans, spear, sword, short sword, knife throwing, archery and much more.  Each rank and age dictates when a student is able to learn these extensions of our bodies.