Our Class Programs:

Kids Mu Sool Won/SKILLZ Classes - We start our kids in our World Famous Skillz Program Created by World martial arts champion MELODY SHUMAN.

This is set up as an AGE SPECIFIC program.  There are many reasons for this and the first question I like to ask people is this. "Would you want your 5 year old in a school class with a 9 year old? or would you want your 9 year old in school classes with 4 and 5 yr olds?"

This helps for us to understand many things. Children learn through stages. Each age group follows basic stages of development.  Skillz was developed through scientific and psycological trials over many years to find out how children best learn and Melody took it up 100 fold by adding martial arts based training and reverse engineering it to work for each specific age group.  With this in mind, the age groups are as follows: Ages 3 & 4 year olds (Early Skillz)    5 & 6 year olds (Basic Skillz),  7-9 Year olds (Core Skillz)  10-14 year olds(Extreme Skillz) and Then Elite Skillz   Our Core Skillz groups start into the Traditional martial arts once they graduate into the intermediate levels.  This allows the children to have learned and gained the neccesary skillz in order to be able to perform the essential movements that art involved in the forms, techniques and much more.

Kids Classes, we start them currently at the age of 3 years old but they need to go through an evaluation to make sure the class and future ninja is a good fit.    In the Extreme and Elite classes we start kids in the Traditional Korean Martial Art of Mu Sool Won which is blended into the SKILLZ Childrens program.  This allows the children to get the best of both worlds and learn at their correct stages of development.  This is a safely structured class that offers far more than most other martial arts.  For example, we start them in the normal stances, forms and strikes like in Karate, Kung Fu and Tae Kwon Do. They will also learn kicks like in arts similar to Muay Thai, Kung Fu, Karate and Mixed Martial Arts. Along with this they learn Joint Locks, pressure point grappling/fighting and Throws similar to Judo, Aikido, and JuJitsu.  Students will also learn stand up and ground grappling as well as other techniques.  We also teach them animal styles similar to Kung Fu.  Besides the empty hand training, we teach them calming techniques, meditation, and chi/Ki energy development and use in martial arts healing and self defense. They will also learn falling, rolling and other acrobatic maneuvers.  From the physical training we also get into the weapons training, which includes but not limited to korean archery, single and double sword, short sword, staff, short stick, spear, fans, knife throwing (at proper age and with parents consent. and much more. The amount of knowledge children learn as well as patience, values, and etiquette, help sets our art apart from others as Leaders in Child and Adult Development-Physically, Intellectually, Emotionally and Socially.   For more information on SKILLZ and how it can help your child become the BEST Version of themselves, please reach out to one of our Skillz Qualified instructors and we will Schedule and appointment!

Adult Mu Sool Won Classes- With our adult Mu Sool Won classes , they are similar to the childrens classes but geared towards the adult.  They will learn the training methods and will be taught how to finish correctly so everything can be used when they are needed.  We use the same curriculum so everyone can set their own goals, except the kids curriculum uses a few less techniques to start, so they can learn easier.

Family Mu Sool Won Classes- With our family Mu Sool Won classes , they are similar to the children's classes but geared towards the family. Everyone will learn the training methods, curriculum and will be taught how to finish correctly so everything can be used when they are needed.  We use the same curriculum so everyone can set their own goals, except the kids curriculum uses a few less techniques to start, so they can learn easier.  The great thing is that a family that kicks together, sticks together.  Parents can train with their children, but still learn at their own age range.  Kids can work with each other or their family.   Ages 8yrs and up

Adult and Women's Self Defense classes- These classes are for our Mu Sool Won adults and others that are interested. They are not scheduled as of yet but will be in the near future.  They will learn many of the same techniques and training methods.  We also get into scenario and reaction training.  The adult students will learn training similar to filipino martial arts such as arnis and kali, as well as combatives similar to krav maga, haganah, kapap, and other combative methods.  We train against sticks, bats, gun and knife as well as ground, stand up and anti-rape and much more.

Help YOUR Child become the Best NINJA They can BE through SKILLZ!

Mu Sool Won of Georgetown

Martial Arts for Adults and Children