About what our school offers

We offer Age specific martial arts for kids 3 and up to 7 years.  This allows children to learn and enjoy it.  This is designed to work with their specific stages of developments at each age.

We also offer Traditional Korean Martial Arts.  Mu Sool offers 3 systems in 1 Systematic approach which allows students to easily learn the curriculum at their own pace.  We Test every 3 months if they are qualified at the time of testing.

Private lessons are also available in order to catch up. Please ask the instructor.

Mu Sool 3 systems are 1. Korean Royal Court Martial Arts  2. Budhhist Temple Martial Arts and 3. Tribal Family Martial Arts

We offer kicks, strikes, joint locks, throws and grappling, traditional and modern weaponry and defense.  Self defense, healing and pressure point applications as well.  The weaponry includes but is not limited to Sword, staff, spear, short and medium sticks, archery, and more!

We are a Black Belt school, and ettiquette is of the utmost importance.  Yes, Sir and Yes, Ma'am!