Instructor Daniel Atherton

Instructor Daniel Atherton has studied many martial arts starting at the age of 5 in karate.  He started training in the Korean martial arts in his early teens starting with:

   -tae kwon do, hapkido, & moo duk kwan    Over many years of time, Mr. Atherton studied:   .Filipino martial arts such as Dog Brother’s Martial Arts & kali and Modern Arnis;  .Okinawan Ryu Kyu Kempo ; Mix Martial Arts & Jeet Kune Do; Several styles of combatives and arts similar to krav maga and other Israeli systems taught locally .  He has earned black belts and other ranks in several arts such as:   Tae kwon do & Hapkido, Budo Taijitsu, Ryu Kyu Kempo (kyusho jitsu Pressure points), Kuksoolwon  tm   &  Musoolwon tm

     Dan Atherton has studied and trained with many wonderful high ranking martial artists, masters, and grand masters in the local area, as well as correctional officers, police officers and even with military personnel. With his highly intuitive interest in learning as much as possible and making sure it is usable he decided to join Mu Sool Won tm and open the first Mu Sool Won tm Traditional Korean Martial Arts School in Illinois. 

Daniel also taught the self defense classes at Illinois Central College

 (basic stand up and ground attack defense, gun disarming, knife disarming, stick and baseball bat disarming defenses, defense against chokes, grabs and strikes)

. Daniel believes that by being humble and helping his fellow members in society, we can all become better people and members of society. By helping others, our karma will reciprocate back to us creating a full circle.  With his knowledge and ability to adapt, he will have something extra to add to his students’ training to make them better martial artists, family members, members of society and better people and above all… they will all be a part of something larger than themselves… they will be a part of the Mu Sool Won  tm Family!!!

   Mr. Atherton is open to and able to teach individuals, groups, professionals and anyone willing to learn that is a good person, in good mental health and that is an upstanding human being.  This being said, he reserves the right to turn people down for any reason, such as shady character, unstable mental status (bipolar, etc.) and this is due to the realistic training and destructive nature of the martial arts taught by him to adults.


Mr. Atherton continues his training directly under Grandmaster  Byung In Lee of Austin Texas.  Being a Mu Sool Won members allows you to participate in demos, seminars and official Mu Sool Won activities.  Join the Mu Sool Won Family!